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Winsock Repair.

 The good news is that these programs will almost always fix your “Winsock”, The bad news is that if you need them, you can’t get on the internet to get them. Both are easy to use and almost always work.

General Utilities

Norton Removal Program   This will Un-install all Norton and Symantec programs from 2002-2007.  Use the add-remove programs from the control panel in windows xp then run this. Be sure to download the Winsock XP fix above before attempting to remove Norton Products, they have been known to corrupt Winsock settings. (This program was downloaded direct from Symantec from a hard to find area of their web site)

Recycle Bin Repair      This Registry file will repair the functionality of a corrupt or non functioning recycle bin.

Windows Xp (home and pro) Timezone Repair  Repairs missing time zones to windows default settings by repairing the settings in the system registry. Simply download it to your hard drive and run it. When it asks to enter the data into the system registry say “yes” (merge).

Windows XP  AutoPlay Fix     Repairs windows “Autoplay” for cd’s and dvd’s. Sets the settings back to default. (fixes missing entrees also)

Windows Installer Cleanup Tool    Manually clean up your windows installer, be very careful with this one,

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