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How to Use Quickbooks in Different Locations

One of the programs that we frequently recommend is Quickbooks, It is one of the more versatile and inexpensive bookkeeping programs available. With its easily to use interface and its ability to adapt to almost every business it is by far the most popular accounting software in use today.

quickbooks2One of the main drawbacks has been its ability to share its files between different users in different locations. This has resulted in a new version of Quickbooks called the online edition. With QuickBooks Online Edition you and your colleagues can access your financial information anywhere with a PC and an Internet connection. However, A few drawbacks exist with this software :

  • Price, At $39.95 per month for up to three users this is rather expensive. At almost $500 per year this is a little pricey for most companies.
  • Invoicing, While it has invoices and estimates built in, many companies require custom invoices that cannot be created utilizing Quickbooks online.
  • Internet Connection Required, While most times a internet connection is readily available, there might be times where its not and you might need access to your files, with the online edition you are simply out of luck.

Before Purchasing your Software Ask Yourself a few Questions:

  • How many Invoices or Entries will I make Daily?
  • Is 1 Person Primarily going to make entries with other people simply viewing it?

The Solution

This is an Easy to follow solution that Works with Quickbooks and most other accounting software e.g. Peachtree, Sage etc. This assumes that You are Using Quickbooks and Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express with Quickbooks Installed On Both Computers. (While this will work with “Online” Email such as AOL, Bellsouth, Gmail and Others, the method to “Attach” the file will be different )

To start, Create your company file and instead of saving it to the Programs default directory save it to the desktop.

(a good Alternative is to save the file in “My Documents”)

Sending The File

  • Right Click on the Company File and “Send To” E-mail Recipient
  • Follow Normal E-mail Procedures and Away It Goes !
  • Note: Some Computers might require you to Open Outlook Or Outlook Express to send the file

Receiving The File

  • Open Your E-mail and Save the Attachment to your Desktop (Overwriting the Original File)
  • Double Click The Icon and Quickbooks Should Open (or open Quickbooks Normally)


  • We Recommend a minimum of a fast DSL Connection (4 mbs or Faster)
  • Uploading the file through the email will ALWAYS take longer then downloading
  • Remember, Only 1 person can work on Quickbooks at A time, the Latest file will Overwrite the previous
  • This will also give you multiple backups at different location, a definite plus !
  • If you have a large data file or are using a “Dial-Up Connection you can create a Quickbooks “Portable Company File” and Use That Instead
  • When Opening the file after receiving it youmight get an error message that the file is “Read Only”, If thats the case, simple right click on the file icon, left click “Properties” , remove the check where it says “Read Only”, and then click “Apply”.

Alternative Solution

Create a “Server” that remote locations can log into, using internet software such as Log Me In (free) or Goto My Pc or Use a program such As Pc Anywhere. This would allow users to “Log Onto” a computer and actually do the work online but utilizing a company computer


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