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Basic Guidelines for Business E-mail

While there are many different E-mail software solutions available, We recommend and use Microsoft Outlook (or at a minimum Outlook Express) for any Business Related E-mail. With the ability to monitor the E-mail from a multitude of web sites and sources we consider this a Must for all small business owners. Running a successful business takes time and  Microsoft outlook will streamline your E-mail, make you look more professional and ready to do business.  This is especially true if you have multiple web sites, outlook and outlook express can receive E-mail from different locations and respond accordingly using the associated E-mail address’s.

Do’s and Dont’s for Business E-mail

  • Do :  Use your Web site e-mail for all e-mail transactions
  • Do:  Use Multiple E-mail accounts for different departments or people
  • Do:  Use a contact form on the web site
  • Do: Use a auto-responder to acknowledge that you have received E-mail and will reply shortly  (a definite must if using a contact form on a web site)
  • Do:  Use a signature file for all outgoing e-mail. (With outlook or outlook express you can have multiple signature files for  different E-mail addresses.
  • Do:  Use a good spam filter such as Mail Frontier, Norton Internet security  or any of the multitude of others

Do Not !

  • Do Not:    Use web based E-mail. (If you have to logon to a web site, you are using web based E-mail). It’s slow and has limited capabilities.
  • Do Not:   Use Hotmail, AOL E-mail, Yahoo, or any of the other “Free” e-mail services. Besides having limited capabilities, it makes your business look small
  • Do Not:   Mark as spam or junk mail any E-mail that comes from your web site through a form (you’ll never receive a E-mail again from your web site)
  • Do Not : Use a forwarder to direct E-mail from one E-mail address to another. This will just complicate issues, Especially if you are replying to e-mails, you might accidentally send the reply to the forwarder and not the intended recipient.
  • Do Not : List your E-mail address on any web site, this will guaranty spam and junk mail. Use a form Instead.

Trouble setting up Outlook or Outlook Express? Click here for step by step Instructions.

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