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How to Transfer files through FTP Protocol

What is FTP ?

FTP (file transfer protocol is most commonly used to Transfer files to (or From) the internet.  FTP can be used to transfer everything from web site pages, music, photos and just about any data file possible.

What kind of software do I need to use FTP?

FTP client software is readily available on the internet. They vary from Low Cost (Free) with limited functions to $50 or more for the higher end ones. We recommend   Smart FTP,   ws_ftp and Cute FTP   for easy to use commercial versions.

For those on a limited budget you can always use the built in version in Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.

How do I Use the built in versions in windows?

While there are different approaches to utilizing windows FTP we feel the most efficient way is to use the networking portion of windows. To set it up in windows xp simply click “My Network Places” and then “add a network Place”. The Add Network Place wizard should start up, simply follow the steps:

  • choose another network location then click next
  • type in the ftp address, usually its something like ftp//www.yourdomain.com ,  ftp://ftp.yourdomain.com or ftp://yourdomain.com (substitute your website for where “Yourdomain” is and click next)
  • Uncheck “Log On Anonymously” and enter your user name for the web site. (your web site hosting provider should have given you your logon and password), click “Next”
  • Enter a name for your link, MyWeb, Mywebsite  or whatever you would like to call it. click next
  • Put a checkmark in “Open this network place ”, click next and you’re off and running
  • You should now have an icon in “My Network Places” for your website ready to FTP.
  • Double click your website icon and a little screen appears for your username and password, enter them and then “Log On”
  • From this point on you can use the explorer file management programs in windows with cut, past, Drag & Drop etc.

The above directions are basic FTP Directions to get you started with FTP. Hire Intelligence assumes no responsibility for anything that the end user may do wrong resulting in inoperable websites, loss of data or any related consequences.

If you feel uncomfortable with the FTP protocol  and basic networking you might want to consider Contacting US first before you begin. 

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