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How Do I Optimize (defragment) my Hard Drive in Windows XP and Windows 2000 ?

Optimizing (defragmenting) your hard drive is very simple in Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Just follow these steps       

This Basic Disk Defragmenter  comes with windows xp and windows 2000


From Your “Start Bar”start go to start-program files-accessories-system tools-Disk Defragmenter  this should open up the Disk Defragmenter Program in Windows.

Simply highlight the drive letter and click (at the bottom”) “defragment now”. you can also “Analyze” the drive to see how bad it is fragmented, the red bars are “fragments” that will slow you computer down. We recommend that even if the analysis shows that a Defragment is not necessary, do it anyway, it can’t hurt.

We recommend that all hard drives be defragmented after approx. every 10 hours of computer operation.

 Please Note: Microsoft’s Defragmenter is a very basic disk defragmenting routine. For the Best in Performance we recommend only 2 commercial programs, Raxco’s Perfectdisk (our personal favorite) or Diskeeper . Both have free trials available on their websites.

If you cannot find the Disk Defragmenter, here is an alternate method

Double (left) click “My Computer” My Computer

“Highlight” (left click 1x) “local Disk” or what says “C:”

This represents hard drives on your computer that can be optimized

Right Click “C:”  1x and a menu should appear

Left Click “Properties” and another menu should appear (Properties is usually at the very bottom of the list)

Hard Drive Properties, click the highlighted tab marked Tools



                                  Left Click “Tools”







Click defragment now and it will take you to the disk defragmenter



                           Click Defragment now




            Follow Above Steps to Continue                                                                   

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