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How do I edit my own web pages?

While actually fairly simple, it does have a learning curve.

To start off you must have a basic idea how web sites actually work.  A good place to start is out article on the basics.

Read “how to change website pages” for a basic tutorial , Its focuses on Adobe Contribute but has other “Need to Know” Information.

The rest of this article will focus on other means of editing without spending money on software. 

The proper way of changing web pages is actually to :

  1. create two directory’s on your hard drive (one is for a working directory , the other is for a “Backup”)
  2. Using a FTP program copy your website (usually all the files in the “public_html subdirectory) from the server to BOTH the directories that you created. (click here to learn about FTP). To download Coffee Cup FTP Free click here.
  3. Once you have copied the website to your hard drive its time to edit the actual pages. Any good HTML editor will fit the bill.  You can search the internet for many of the free ones or Click Here and download PageBreeze
  4. Open your HTML editor and “open”  the page that you want to edit from one of the directories that you created. (leave the other directory alone, that is for Backup only.)
  5. Make and save your changes
  6. Open your FTP program and transfer your pages to the website in the same directory that they were from originally, if the program asks you to “over right the file,  answer yes.
  7. Check your website and make sure the pages posted properly and everything works.
  8. If not, you can always FTP the backup to your server and start again.

Follow the documentation within the various programs and with a little practice you can safely make changes to your website. 

If your website was created by Hire Intelligence, don’t fear, we store backups of all websites that we create.

Disclaimer:   Hire Intelligence, Its Employees or agents are NOT responsible for inappropriate usage resulting in non functional web sites or parts thereof. If you are not satisfied with your results after YOU or your agent have made changes, contact Hire Intelligence for a price quote for repairs. Hire Intelligence will repost the original website 1x at no charge.    

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