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HostSave Problems !

Over the Past year we have witnessed many ongoing problems with Hostsave and no longer recommend it to our customers.  Hostsave (at times) has had their servers totally blocked by ATT and Comcast, has had DNS attacks (denial of service attacks, where entire websites are no longer visable on the net) and E-Mail Blocks by Hotmail,Comcast, Att, Msn and most recently America Online (as of this writing 10/13/2005, AOL has blocked all Hostsave email since October 2, 2005 )

HOSTSAVE is No Longer Recommended By Hire Intelligence

If You Have a Website that is on HostSave and You or your customers Use AOL this can dramatically affect your business !

  • You will NOT receive any information from filled forms.
  • You Will NOT receive emails from your website.
  • you will NOT receive emails forwarded to your AOL account from the web site
  • You will NOT be able to send Emails to your customers who use AOL.  

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