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How To Easily Change Already Developed Web Pages

Interested in making changes to an already existing website?  Don’t know where to start? Here’s a quick guide with recommendations to get you going !

While there are many different formats a web site can be constructed in, html is by far the most common. This guide will help you get started in using basic editors to change or add to these websites.

Basic Rules to Follow

  1. Back up your entire website to a directory on your computer (in case something goes wrong)
  2. copy the website to a directory on your computer and work on the changes using the pages in that directory.
  3. after the changes are made post the directory to the web and make sure it operates properly. 

What you will need

Lots of Patience

DSL or Other High Speed Internet Connection (while it is possible to do it with a dial up connection, we do not recommend it)

A Basic knowledge of  how a website actually works. You can go to http://computer.howstuffworks.com/web-server.htm to find out more. Macromedia Contribute, the easiest way to make changes to a web site.

A html editing program or Adobe Contribute ( that is by far the easiest way to make changes.)  They even have an excellent tech support and online documentation system.

A FTP Program such as cute ftp or 3d-ftp or equivalent (for backups or restoring your site, while it is possible to do it using network settings in windows, it has proven to be too slow and unreliable).

For photos and graphics there are a vast array of photo editing programs, remember, you must do all the photo editing before beginning to make the web page changes. Remember to make the images fairly small in size and resolution, if not,  your web pages will take so long to view that the visitor will leave the site.

Click here for more information without using Adobe Contribute

Follow the documentation within the various programs and with a little practice you can safely make changes to your website. 

Disclaimer:   Hire Intelligence, Its Employees or agents are NOT responsible for inappropriate usage resulting in non functional web sites or parts thereof. If you are not satisfied with your results after YOU or your agent have made changes, contact Hire Intelligence for a price quote for repairs.   

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